Mirage - A learning-to-sketch challenge

Tue 3 Nov 2020, 02:54 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have long wanted to learn to draw, especially simplified figures in a comic form. I've been taking some tutorials and practising, but it is hard for me to stay involved with simple characters without any story behind them.
Thus, I am starting a webcomic, not because I think it will amount to anything for anyone else, but because it gives me a framework for developing characters and (with any luck) my skill at drawing. I am sharing these on my Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/benlanghinrichs/
The small village of Mirage lies deep beneath the waves. Midge, a curious and impulsive mergirl, is our first character. This is my first sketch of her, so I imagine I'll get better at drawing her, but I wanted to document this from the beginning. There are other characters, some more unusual than others. Stay tuned.
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Copyright 2020 Ben Langhinrichs

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